A Cultural Revolution in Slow Motion

I don’t believe in grand historical conspiracies, or in designs that go on over generations. The right suffers from a bad case of “the individualists failed to organize” and the left, by now in its third generation of social dominance, is approaching the sort of behavior and IQ one saw in the last days of the Soviet Union. Or if you prefer, Marxist scientific efficiency has given us in three generations what it took the royal houses of Europe sixteen generations of inbreeding to achieve: an “elite” so profoundly dumb they couldn’t pour p*ss out a boot with instructions on both sides.


Which is why I don’t believe in conspiracies.

I do, however, believe in guiding principles, in abiding ideas that inform and shape a movement, and in people so completely in communion with the revealed message of “progressivism” that they will do the things that no police force or government could force them to do, were they free.

Hence we get journalists corrupting their craft and honor to be part of secret lists that choose which news to cover and which to ignore. We get functionaries trying to subvert legal, fair elections. And we have the Reeeee brigade leading us through a slow-motion Cultural Revolution.

I don’t know who coined “Reeeee” for the sound progressives make when in the middle of a scream fest about some – mostly imaginary and unintended – offense. I know that for several months now all my friends have used it, usually when just having dealt with some idiot who keeps yammering on about moon ferrets (or patriarchy. Or white supremacy. All of which have the exact same degree of existence in modern America.)

It’s not that you don’t want to answer the idiot. It’s that explaining there are no moon ferrets gets exhausting, when they immediately change the subject to the moon dolphins or the moon mole rats.

Their behavior is so insane, their on-command ability to jump on anyone or anything who deviates from the now-current party line so absolute, their arguments so ridiculous, it took me a while to realize what they’re doing is the equivalent of Mao’s brigades of aggressive young people fanning out to rural areas to teach the peasants how to think and what to do.


But they’re not teaching us anything, you’ll say. Mostly they’re ridiculous idiots, who never spent enough time outside a university.

You aren’t wrong. Thing is, if you’ve read about the Cultural Revolution – yeah, I do a lot of depressing things – those too were a bunch of ignorant kids, taught only Maoism and completely ignorant of what the peasants needed to do to survive and grow food.

Their advice, their demands, and their theories were not only stupid but actually life-threatening. But people had to follow them because otherwise they’d be denounced, held up before revolutionary tribunals, and killed or worse. (Being enslaved to a pack of jackal puppies in human form is arguably worse.) The people who destroyed Chinese culture and productivity in the Cultural Revolution and who filled the Yellow River with so many bodies that they washed up en masse on the shores of Macao (where my dad saw them) were nothing more and nothing less than weaponized Reeee brigades.

The problem with the latest trend of these feral children, their minds filled with academic lies, screaming about “racist, sexist homophobes” and holding the past up to the standards of their present, is not just that it’s annoying, or that it makes us roll our eyes so hard the cats are probably playing with them as I type this.

No, the problem is that it makes many people afraid of opening books, of reading our past.

Western civilization is not – of course, being human – perfect. It has had its share of monsters and madmen. We were, after all, responsible for Marx, whose ideas have been a worse scourge in Africa than all the supposed greedy colonialists.


We are, however, simply put, the most successful human civilization ever. That is, if you judge success in terms of “fed the most people” and “lifted most of the world above the demands of immediate need,” to be able to create and think as never before. Other things we’ve done go a long way to eliminate the quotidian misery of disease and push back aging by decades.

All good things, right?

But chances are your kids are growing up without the tools invented by that civilization, and in fact actively looking down on its founders, its luminaries, and its economic system. Don’t believe me? Go look at your kids’ school books. Everyone from the past before America are “dead white males.” Every one of America’s founders was “a slave owner” or else “sexist.” Frankly other than claiming Hamilton (who, as a monarchist, was, at any rate, their kind of founder) for the ranks of the sexually experimental, they have nothing good to say about any of the men who created our oh-so-very-wonderful system of governance.

It’s not a conspiracy. Not exactly. There’s a reason we call them the Reeeee Brigades. There’s very little thought behind the incoherent, accusatory screams.

There doesn’t need to be, so long as our educators, our entertainers, and our politicians are afraid of them.

As long as the Reeeee brigades can convey the thought that our past is vaguely dirty and we shouldn’t know it or study or inherit anything from it, they’ll have won. They will have implanted the intellectual genes of Marxism, the monstrous ideas of The Communist Manifesto — including the notion that children should be raised by “a village,” or in other words, the State, so they won’t be tainted by their parents’ values.


The “taint” they’re avoiding is the idea that an individual, of himself, is something worthy of respect and self-determination, the idea of property rights and self-ownership, the idea of something outside the state.

The ideas propagated by educators so long indoctrinated in Marxism they don’t see it, any more than fish see the water they swim in, lead to… what was that phrase from the Democratic Convention in 2012? Oh, yeah. “We all belong to something, I choose to belong to the State.”

The Cultural Revolution is almost complete. And though it might have been stealth, if we allow it to succeed it will claim as many bodies as the Chinese dress rehearsal. Or more. Free trade and property rights have fed humanity as a whole for the first time in millennia. Remove those and the graves will fill with amazing speed.

Counter the cultural revolution. Tell the Reeeee Brigades to take a hike. Read about the founders. Not just that they were “racist, sexist, homophobic” – if you need to be told they were men of their time, you’re one of the Reeeee Brigades – but about what they transcended and endured to create our Constitution, that miracle in Philadelphia.

More importantly, tell your kids their school books are full of hokum. Mock the idiocy on exhibit. Make fun of it. Yes, I’m telling you they need to disrespect their teachers’ “authority.” In fact, you should make fun of it as much as possible. What part of Americanism was ever “respect authority”? Particularly when that authority is destroying us from within.


Disprove, mock, giggle, guffaw. The only answer to the Reeeee brigades is to show them for what they are: malignant, ignorant children, who deserve no more respect than their malignant, ignorant father and his Communist Manifesto.


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