Tea Party Ignorance: Who is Responsible?

You have to laugh when a Fox anchor is so embarrassed by standard Tea Party ignorance that he has to correct it on the air. But it makes you wonder: Who is really responsible for such grade school stupidity mouthed by adults? I lean toward individual accountability: it’s the fault of people who lack the education (and/or intelligence), and there certainly is evidence for that in many of the commenters here.


But I think that the shocking irresponsibility of the people who exploit the stupidity of the gullible for commercial or other reasons has to be taken into account. . By encouraging idiocy like “Obama is a communist”, encouraging the propagation of the crude and ignorant views of the Tea Partiers, they must know they are debasing and devaluing genuine political debate in America, abandoning intellectual and moral standards and responsibility and shaming themselves.

What I still would like to know is when the conservatives on this site and others, people I have respected for their intellectual sophistication even when I disagreed with their views. are going to speak out? Do you really want to be identified with Victoria Jackson as your political/intellectual peer? Do you really think, like she and so many other TPers, Obama is a Communist.? Tell us. Why not, like Ron Radosh, at least, try to educate these ignoramuses about Glenn Beck’s toxic pseudo- history, rather than encourage the suckers in their pathetic ignorance? People are going to remember this ugly time and who stood up for historical truth and who was content to be silent or active enablers in the face of thuggery and stupidity. .

If not now, when? Cat got your tongue?

Or are some conservatves secretly happy they have a mob of ignorant thugs on their side? TPers probably have never heard of a fellow named von Papen and the role he played, hs tragic mistake, but those with a knowledge of history beyond Glenn Beck do. How did that work out for him, his alliance with thugs?


But I can’t believe responsible conservatives feel their “side” is the side of such embarrassing ignorance. Why are they not expresssing in print the private revulsion they must feel at the trashing of intellectual standards the Tea Party represents?

Still I’ve enjoyed the unique insight into the tiny Tea Party brain commenters here have given me and will have more to say elsewhere about the valuable knowledge of the TP I’ve gained from being on this site. Somebody has to expose the repellant truth. Indeed I’ve enjoyed being able to speak directly to the TPers and let them know directly what a spectacle their ignorance has made of them. The whole world is laughing at you, TPers.

But to those who have sought for whatever reason to make an alliance with them, just a word of friendly advice. That old saying applies: “When you lie down with dogs, you rise up with fleas.”


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