Ron Rosenbaum

Tea Party, R.I.P.

Whoever wins or loses on the health care bill, and as I write there hasn’t been a vote yet, the Big, Big Loser this weekend of Washington drama was the Tea Party. The whole world was watching them spitting, hurling racial slurs, strutting around with posters threatening gun violence, acting just the way I’ve portrayed them in my posts over the past month. A mob of cruel and selfish ignoramuses. I shouldn’t have been surprised considering the quality of the comments TP defenders leave. But I think the cruelty was the final straw for me. Hurling contempt and dollar bills at the poor guy with Parkinson’s disease at some demo in the midwest.

You know why you’ve lost TPers? It’s because for all the hatred you mustered for the health care bill, for Obama, you demonstrated not the slightest care for the less fortunate among us. You only cared about your own pocketbook. You never offered any alternative plan for those who don’t have a health care safety net. The only ones your were looking out for were yourselves. It showed,

Anyway time’s up TPers. It may not be immediate, but it’s going to happen. The Tea Party has exposed itself, so to speak. The racial epithets the threats of gun violence, the thuggish mob hysteria.. America s just going to reject it, the way a healthy immune system rejects a virus. The only question is which pundits go on the record dissociating themselves from this sick episode in American politics, really something out of Weimar Germany. And which will be content to forever be identified with them.