Ron Rosenbaum

Denying "Holocaust Denial"--It's Still Important

I have argued in the past that in some ways, in the sick mind of the deniers holocaust denial is the next step in the evolution of evil.

Not only do the deniers lie about the holocaust, they lie about their denial. Almost without exception they know it happened and they’re glad it happened, and they want it to happen again. And they think they’ve found a tactic that will help.

In the absence of that they’ve found a way to add insult to injury in a viciously evil way: by branding the dead non-persons and calling the survivors (and every other decent person on earth) liars.

Accepting them as merely sick, pathological or insane is unacceptable. Nobody has articulated the larger geopolitical consequences of tolerating such lies and the license them to prepare for a second holocaust while denying the first than Bibi Netanyahu in his UN speech yesterday. he makes the point that it doesn’t merely affect Jews but disgraces and endangers the rest of the world as well.

I urge you to read it in its entirety. It’s link to the UN lie about Gaza is bracing truth-telling.

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