Still Haven't Heard Any Right Wing Pundits or Commenters Condemn Assassination Threats Like...

…the ones documented here, by gun carrying loons. Or maybe I’ve missed it. But I don’t get the feeling it’s a high priority. Just sit back and allow the loons to represent you? What a moral abdication for those who consider themselves the moralist side.


At this point silence becomes complicity with any future bloodshed. You’ve encouraged a culture of violent gun carrying wannabe assassins and you haven’t said a word of horror or reproof at the growing evidence that you’re allied with would-be murderers. Does it make you feel strong and brave by proxy? Are you unable to distinguish democratic discourse from armed Hitler-obsessed freaks threatening to kill the President, his wife and children? I don’t get it. Do you not have any feeling of responsiblity? Have you no shame?

What do you want to bet the commneters will defend the wannabe assassins?


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