A Realy Mindless Movie That Will Somehow Make You Happy...

…in a really mindless way.

The end of a long day. Finished a chapter of my new book. Closed a column.(look for it Friday) Did an interview about my last column in which I took on a certain new media Pontificator in a way that brought lots of unsolicited emails of solidarity from media people I admire.


Sent roses to my girlfriend. Tanked up on noxious Starbucks “Pike’s Place” essence-of-dirt coffee (don’t get me started on how they stop selling their decent alternative “bold” selection after 5 p.m. and force you to drink that Pike’s Place swill) and decided to see a bad movie at the multiplex next door

Walked in just at the starting time of Role Models which is kind of funny and kind of stupid, but sort of touching in the way movies about people who learn to act better than you (or they) expect them to are, except in this one you knew they would. But who cares? It had Seann Wiliam Scott from maybe my fave bad movie of all time Dude, Where’s My Carand Paul Rudd and the lovely Elizabeth Banks and it made me happy. Don’t hate me if it’s no Citizen Kane, but let me know if it makes you happy too.


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