Ron Rosenbaum

"Barry": One Clue an Obama Foe is Racist

I know that there are honorable ideological foes of Obama, or skeptics about his qualifications who have their reasons. I think they fail to see the Big Picture, but I still respect their intellects. Not so the sandbox namecallers.

Like the ones who practically froth and drool when they write “Barry Obama” or some variation on it. From studying anti-Obama commenters here and on other blogs, even onl ostensibly liberal pro-Hillary blogs (like the one by the guy who cliamed he was going to produce the “whitey tape”) I’ve noticed that there is a certain tone that certain Obama foes take when they sneeringly call him “Barry” as if it were somehow a wounding, belittling insult.

Almost like calling him “boy”, but because they know that’s a dead giveaway, they find some other way to sublimate their biogtry, and are too dumb to know their attitude is flagrantly obvious to everyone with a brain.

No I don’t think everyone who’s ever used “Barry” for Obama is a racist, but I think you can tell when something more than health-care policy differnces, say, are at issue.

I’m not sure why they feel calling him “Barry” makes them feel somehow superior or one-up on Obama but that’s what comes across as. It’s particularly ludicrous coming from people who don’t sound as intelligent as he does (saying this drives them crazy).

It’s different from those who use “Hussein” as if it were an insult; there we’re talking Islamophobia right out front.

But “Barry” is more insidious. “Barry” suggests some ugly bile to it. Read the comments for yourself, not just here, see if you see what I mean.

These people don’t know how revealing they are.