Ron Rosenbaum

Biden is a Clown, But Racists Are Not just Stupid but...

…ignorant and immoral. It’s a sad truth but when you write about Obama, you find that there still are flat-out undisguised racists out there. They don’t seem to recognize how pathetic they sound; it’s like they missed a step in evolution.

And the worst racists are cowards who too timid to use their real name. I’ve long had a policy against posting racist, abusive, obscene comments, especially by anonymous cowards, but some seem to slip by the moderation I’ve given into because I can’t spend my whole life monitoring them personally. But I apologize for those that do.

Nonetheless they’re instructive: reading them is reason enough to want Obama to win. It’s why I say it will be a civil rights victory, and redemption for our greatest national sin. Yes, we’re a great country and our ideals are noble. But there was this hideous thing called slavery embedded in the Constititution for a century. I’m in favor of every excluded minority getting its day in the sun, but blacks were literally–and “legally”–enslaved, raped and murdered by the hundreds of thousands, probably millions if you count the causalties of the “Middle Passage” in the centuries before the Consittution. Anyone who thinks this is something we can bury without coming to terms with is foolish.*

All you people out there who oppose Obama on issue grounds, I have no quarrel (except on the issues) with you. But you should know that your anti-Obama cause is being befouled by racists. Not just the “subtle” ones who can’t bear a non white being called “smart”, or find some other transparently fraudulent reason to speak viciously about Obama, but overt spittle flecked haters. Move on, you’re obviously lonely and filled with bitterness and failure, you’ll find lots of kindred souls on David Duke’s website.

Still, every racist comment is just one more argument for electing Obama president.

* For my further thoughts on the question see this.