Ron Rosenbaum

Freedom Tower in the Trash!

Can’t resist following every clumsy step of the Freedom Tower Farce. Sad it’s likely to end in tragedy ever were built. But a more pathetic, inept crew could not be found.

The latest: Confidential schematics of the Titanic folly known as “Freedom Tower”, the nplanned 1776 foot tall (take that, Osama!) maximum security prison-like office buiding/terrorist Target One “memorial” for the Twin Towers at New York’s Ground Zero were found in a trash can by a homeless guy.

Most of the coverage (New York Post front page: “FREE-DUMB TOWER”) focussed on the the security threat–who knows what else was carelessly thrown out where? Who knows the intimate details of the innards of the grandiose mistake the Freedom Tower is. (Build a memorial to the the people not the building! Don’t make innocent workers hostages!) The thick booklets had everything a terrorist planning an attack could possibly want.

Perhaps the security concerns about the trashcan dump are justified. But that isn’t the only reason this grandiose, foolish, empty, dangerous terrorist magnet, worker hostage project should be junked.

I think the plans in the trash can were metaphor, a sign, a warning. Not just the plans, but the whole project belongs in the trash.

This farce is a disgrace to the memory of the victims.