Ron Rosenbaum

Saturday Night Live: Ignorant Political Airheads

The real scandal of he Dem primary campaign is that it may well be decided by the utterly fraudulent notion–perpetrated by Saturday Night Live–that the press has been tough on Hillary and not on Obama.


Give me a break! Bill is prostituting the dignity of the office we elected him to to swindle corrupt millions from every uranium hustler and corrupt influence peddler he can glom onto and laundering it through his “charitable” foundations. Hillary suddenly comes up with 5 million bucks lying around to resuscitate her campaign. She can’t seem to get around to xeroxing her tax returns for months now (“too busy”); it would take 15 minutes, the press doesn’t ask why. And the press gives the known corrupt pardon-peddling past of the Clintons a pass.

And the airheads on Saturday Night Live manage to convince their naive audiences that Obama is getting pillow soft treatment. Which probably helped swing the the Texas Ohio primaries to the money grubbing Clinton couple. And might just succeed in giving us 8 more years of the Clinton kleptocrats.

SNL stopped being funny or legitmately “satirical” ages ago. now they’re just being ignorant and destructive. What’s really laughable is that so many media pundits somehow think SNL is “hip” and that this faux hipness will rub off on them.

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