Ron Rosenbaum

Clemens vs. McNamee:The Best (Unscripted) Drama On TV

The writer’s strike is over but it will be hard for anyone to match the unscripted drama of the Congressional steroid hearings today. The one on one, side by side (with just one lawyer in between them at the same table) “You lied!” “No, you lied!” confrontation between Roger Clemens and his former trainer Brian McNamee (broadcast live on MSNBC) over whether the trainer injected the star pitcher with steroids and human growth hormone was riveting.

Dramatic in the sense that, although I pride myself (as a sometime investigative reporter) in being able to tell who’s telling the truth and who’s lying to me, I found myself swayed back and forth, unable to decide. Clemens was so forthright. McNamee was less at ease but convincingly earnest.

And to make it perfect it all came down to the question of what caused a boil on Clemens butt: injection of steroids (illegal) or injection of B-12 (legal). Sometimes the truth is elusive. Did anyone else see this? Does anyone else have a strong opinion on who was lying?