Ron Rosenbaum

Enough With the al-Qaeda Fitness Video!

So I’m watching MSNBC after my morning with Mika (see post below) and they’re doing a report on the latest al-Qaeda terror warnings, and the report that they’ve rebuilt their central organization, and someone at MSNBC has decided to run that incredibly annoying and ridiculous “al-Qaeda training video” footage to accompany the story. You know, the endlessly, interminably, idiotically re run footage don’t you?

It’s the clip that shows a bunch of Arab appearing fellows swinging themselves across a horizontally strung rope ladder. It was okay at first, I guess since there’s not a vast store of images of the inside of al Qaeda camps (although I’d like someone to check out the provenance of that footage; something about it has a Monty Python look to it).

But after a while choosing this footage becomes more than a matter of knee -jerk control room convenience. It becomes a perverse kind of statement. Are we really supposed to believe that the danger from al Qaeda comes from their fitness? Their abs? I’m not syaing one needs to be remidned of Ground Zeo every time al Qaeda is mentioned. But maybe the al Qaeda fitness video has outlived its usefulness.supposed

Oh God, more fitness video! Just now. or maybe I’ve just missed it before but this one new to me: an un identified piece of film that shows a shadowy figure– obviously we’re to presume an evil al Qaeda guy–doing push ups.
Now that’s scary.