Ron Rosenbaum

Off to Chicago...

…leaving this begin a Vare Fellowship on non-fiction writing at the U. of Chicago, an institution I have great respect for since so many graduates I’ve met are so smart and well read. Title of my once a week seminar : “Never Too Soon: Getting Started on Your First Non Fiction Book”. Thesis being that the age of great creativity in long form magazine articles that I was lucky enough to benefit from is over and the real, smart innovative non fiction is being done in short books often by young non fictiion writers. Often extended cultural essays under 200 pages. Example: Laura Kipnis’s Against Love a brilliant funny rueful work which, although falling in love again has changed my attitude toward love, hasn’t diminished my admiration for the contrarian witty argument of that book.

Meanwhile I’m finishing up re reading Bellow’s Ravelstein. Am told the univeristy is putting me up in a restored apartment building across the street from where Bellow lived “with his third wife” (out of five). (is this an argument for or against love?).

Will next be blogging from there. I’ll miss my cat Bruno whose got a lot of cat care girls who love to make a fuss over him (Bye, Bruno!). I’ll miss my girlfriend T. although we’ve arranged many assignations (Love you, darling!). I hope readers willl suggest blogworthy events, plays, parties etc to this stranger in town thru the comments.