Ron Rosenbaum

On September 11...

PBS stations around the country are re broadcasting “Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero”, a two hour “Frontline” documentary I co-wrote with producer director Helen Whitney and first broadcast in 2002. Helen shot hundreds of hours of footage of 9/11 victims’ families struggling to reconcile their faith in God with the horrible loss they’d suffered. The documentary is distilled from that, along with thoughtful, sometimes surprizing interviews with philosophers, theologians, artists, athiests and believers of all faiths.

The documentary touched a chord in a lot of people and I hope it will with you. Check your local listings, it’s on at different times on difffernt PBS stations the night of 9/11.

And by the way, a lovely woman I know does something beautiful with her children every 9/11. They spend the evening writing letters to the families of 9/11 victims letting them know that their loss has not been forgotten. Just a thought, but somehow just as important as memorials made of brick and mortar.