A Note to Israel: Try Rachel Corrie's Accusers

Because Israel is holding a trial tomorrow about Rachel Corrie, discussed today in PJM by Lenny Ben-David, I thought it appropriate (while I am preparing a blog on another topic) to call attention to something I wrote a long time ago about Corrie for PJM.


The article may be found here. In this blog, I call Corrie an “Endless Martyr for Anti-Israel Hatred,” which she is indeed. If anything, the new trial instituted by her parents proves that point. When all else fails, Corrie will be resurrected to serve this purpose once again. The Open Letter to the producer of the Shepherdstown WV Theater Festival, which I reproduce in the blog, contains information from various sources about what led to Corrie’s death.

Most important of all, I think, is that the investigative reporter for the leftist monthly Mother Jones, much to his surprise, concluded that Corrie was not intentionally murdered by the IDF, as Corrie’s comrades in the International Solidarity Movement argue, and as the play about her charges, as do Corrie’s parents.

A scurrilous left-wing website I previously have not heard of, called “Just Foreign Policy,” is heralding tomorrow’s trial. It concludes: “They murdered her, and yet she dogs them. It’s almost as if she were alive.”  As we know, the IDF did not murder her. Despite the fact that this has been established by various investigations, Corrie’s supporters continue to make this spurious charge as if it has been proven true.


This is a tactic the Left always uses: repeat the lie enough times, and anyone will hopefully believe it, especially if the target is Israel or the United States.  Let us hope that if as the British Guardian asserts, Israel allowed the trial to take place because of pressure from the United States, that the Israeli government takes Lenny Ben-David’s advice: arrest and try those testifying against the IDF after they are through with their court appearance. These ISM activists got into Israel in the first place under false pretenses, and were useful idiots whose activity in Gaza was taken on behalf of Israel’s sworn enemies, and with their cooperation.

Let them get their day in court before Israeli judges, and let us see what they decide is their verdict. I bet that is something they will not look forward to.


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