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Naomi Klein and "The Nation" Have Gone Too Far

It has become increasingly evident that The Nation magazine , still the most influential journal of the supposedly moderate and responsible Left in America, is becoming the organ committed first and foremost to the destruction of Israel. This time, its prescription for dealing with the Hamas inflicted war on Israel comes from Naomi Klein, this generation's Noam Chomsky in women's designer suits. Klein, with her demonic hatred of Israel, makes your average run-of-the mill self-hating Jew sound balanced.

In an article entitled "Israel: Boycott, Divest, Sanction," (BDS) Klein calls "for Israel to become the target of the kind of global movement that put an end to apartheid in South Africa." She endorses a 2005 program put forth by a "huge coalition of Palestinian groups."  Each day "Israel pounds Gaza," she writes, "brings more converts to the BDS cause."

Klein does not even purport to show any concern, indeed any awareness of, Hamas' self-proclaimed goal to destroy Israel, its Islamist ideology that calls for permanent war against all Jews, or its continued and sustained rocket attacks on Israel.  She does not even attempt to declare a J-Street  type phony "moral equivalence" that equates Israel's defense of its citizens with Hamas' rockets.  In her eyes, there is only one guilty party: the State of Israel.

Therefore, Klein sees only one way out of the fighting in the Middle East: taking "punitive measures" against Israel. The model is to do what the West did to South Africa in the waning years of apartheid, and adopt the same tactics that proved successful then against Israel now.

In her eyes, Israel alone has been steadily  escalating its criminality through among other things "its collective punishment on Gaza."  Is she unaware of the fact that Israel did what its critics had been calling for?  In 2005, it withdrew from Gaza and handed it to the Palestinians.  The result was not a government that built up a Palestinian state committed to modernity and progress, but an armed camp the purpose of which was to launch a new assault against Israel.