The Dodge Dart Returns

2013 Dodge Dart

Chrysler today announced that the replacement for the compact Dodge Caliber will be called the Dart and that the car will be based on a widened sedan version of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Alfa Romeo is owned, like Chrysler, by Fiat. They also released some teaser photos of the new car. Chrysler has bucked the alphanumeric trend at other carmakers, preferring to use historic model names, like Challenger and Charger. Even the 300C is a historic Chrysler model name. It was rumored that Dodge might reprise the old AMC and Hudson “Hornet” nameplate, particularly after the animated Cars movies have increased awareness of that brand name, but instead Chrysler is going to use Dart. I think that’s a great move. The Caliber was singularly uninspiring. In  contrast, my experience is that people who remember the name Dart have fond associations with it.


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