$1,500 Car Wax?

In an age that gives new meaning to conspicuous consumption it should come as no surprise that someone is selling (and others apparently buying) car wax that costs over $200 a ounce. Swissvax, a company that got its start in the 1930s making waxes for antique furniture, and still run by the Anwander family, sells a complete line of car care products that complement their main line of Brazilian Carnauba based car waxes. It must be good stuff since many of the makers of very pricey motor cars use Swissvax products to give their products a nice shine before they leave the factory. The Swissvax Car Care Kit has a Rolls-Royce OEM part number. At the pinnacle of their product line is a product they (appropriately for these prices) call Crystal Rock.


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