For Everything Else, There's the Marx Card

Here it is folks, and it is not a joke! If you live in Chemnitz, Germany, and bank at the Sparkasse Chemnitz bank, you can get—-a Karl Marx Mastercard!

The Karl Marx credit card.

Read all about it here, and also here. With yet another irony, the Reuters report is written by a journalist based in Poland named Gareth Jones. A reporter by that same name in the 1930’s was one of the truth-tellers about the Soviet Union, and a man who exposed at the time the lies of Walter Duranty. I suspect that this Jones is more than likely a son or grandson of the first Jones, and is carrying on in his namesake’s tradition.


The first story asks readers for appropriate advertising tag-lines for ads for the card. Here are some of the better entries:

From Each According to His Abilities, To Each According to his Needs. For Everything Else, there’s Marx Card.

A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of cash back and low, low interest rates.

There are some things money can’t buy, especially if you abolish all private property.

Reach for the Marx Card when you get in the Red.

Double Reward Points for members of the Vanguard Party.

It’s Everywhere you Wan’t to Go but Can’t Due to Internal Travel Restrictions.

When you’re Short of Kapital Use the Marx Card.

When Seizing the Means of Production from the Ruling Class, Use the Marx Card.

When you care enough to use exchange values for the commodified forms of congealed labor power. Plus, now you receive special “Double Irony” points for every use.


Upgrades Available to the Che Guevara Gold Card: Free T-Shirt with every Application.





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