Roger L. Simon

EXCLUSIVE: Lee Smith Talks to Roger L. Simon about His Number 1 Bestseller and More

Journalism is supposed to be the first draft of history. These days it’s a rough draft indeed — maybe not useful at all. It is often a deliberate lie designed to distort history rather than impart the truth to coming generations.

Even the vaunted Watergate investigation by Woodward and Bernstein has been called into question, actually turned upside down, in a new book, Postgate, by John O’Connor, the real Deep Throat’s (Mark Felt) lawyer.

Are there honest journalists left? Well, there are… a few — and in the video below I’m talking to one, maybe the most significant of our time: Lee Smith.

Lee — who has written for Real Clear Investigations, Tablet and (beforeBill Kristol blew up his own institution) The Weekly Standard, among many others — happens to be author of this week’s number one bestseller on Amazon, The Plot Against the President. It’s hard to imagine a more timely book. Without further ado…