Roger L. Simon

Dem Nomination Is Warren's to Lose — and That's Dangerous

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren speaks at the Presidential Gun Sense Forum, Saturday, Aug. 10, 2019, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Not just because of the latest poll, but barring the unforeseen at Thursday night’s debate or whenever, the Democratic Party presidential nomination is Elizabeth Warren’s to lose. Joe Biden is too…let’s be kind… memory-challenged to survive in the long haul and Bernie Sanders has so completely revealed his Marxist (and anti-Semitic… like his idol Karl, Bernie is a Jewish anti-Semite) soul by making an alliance with the terrorist-friendly, femo-Islamist Linda Sarsour that Ms. Warren has the playing field to herself.

And if that isn’t enough, the Vermont senator recently advocated for abortion as a solution to climate change at the same time as he is calling for the expansion of every social program under the sun from free college to free healthcare for illegal aliens. Any ninth grader (well, not in our country, but possibly in China) could tell him you can’t logically have both, expanding programs and population contraction. Who pays for the social programs? They are all Ponzi schemes, like them or not, and therefore dependent on an ever-growing, not contracting, population to fund them so they can survive (as is Social Security, the mother of all social programs, not to mention most pension plans). But no one ever accused Bernie of having a high IQ or even a faint knowledge of basic economics. And that’s leaving aside the stomach-turning morality of his proposal.)

So, sorry, Bernie, Beto, Cory, Kamala, Amy, Mayor Pete and the rest of the bloviating bores of an extraordinarily pathetic group of presidential candidates. (If I were a Democrat I’d be embarrassed. Andrew Yang is at least good for some laughs.). Warren is the only one who has run a campaign that is even slightly effective. And it’s showing.

That’s good news for her, but dangerous for the rest of us. Unlike the others, Warren is just possibly savvy enough to win the general. Republicans may think the phony Pocahontas nonsense was enough to do her in, but that’s so 2017 (the Paleolithic Age in terms of our politics) and about as likely to sink Warren at this point as Stormy Daniels is likely to sink Trump. These things have already long been baked into our political cake.

The real danger of Warren is that she’s not as dumb as Bernie but almost equally socialistic. (Now anyway. In the past she was something else.) The programs she has on offer—and she has one for just about everything—move us closer and closer to socialism. Socialism in its “scientific” form (communism) is the greatest mass-murdering machine in the history of the human race, exponentially.

Oh, but we won’t go that far, some will say. We’ll be democratic. We’ll keep the totalitarian part in check. Really? You’re sure? That’s exactly what the Mensheviks said before the Bolsheviks took over. Andre Malraux’s Man’s Fate describes the drift of the left wing of the Kuomintang (democratic socialists) into the Chinese Communist Party of Mao. The North Koreans call themselves the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Even if that never happens, and let’s hope it doesn’t, in the short term, the election of Elizabeth Warren will lead to an economic catastrophe for this country and therefore the world. Her programs are a ticket to economic failure and the evisceration of the middle class, that same middle class that is getting such a boost right now during the Trump administration, ditto minorities, which have their lowest-ever unemployment numbers. That would end under President Warren. And quickly.

Phil Gramm and Mike Solon have an excellent take-down of just one of Warren’s proposal before Congress—the euphemistically-titled “Accountable Capitalism Act”— in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal (“Warren’s Assault on Retiree Wealth”). As I said, this is just one of many.

If you think I’m beginning to sound like a right-wing version of the NYT’s Paul Krugman, who famously predicted (to his everlasting humiliation) an irreparable stock market crash on Trump’s election, you’re right. I make a similar prediction right now for Warren if she’s elected. And like Krugman, I feel confident about my prediction for a similar reason to his. I imagine the Nobel committee-honored economist was sure he would never have to see the result of his prediction because he was positive Hillary Clinton was going to win. He was wrong, alas, and the stock market is booming as rarely in history. For my part, I have enough confidence in the American people (living away from the coasts makes it easier) to be certain Donald Trump will be reelected in 2020. Any predictions about Warren on my part will be moot… But that doesn’t stop me from being worried. I’ll be watching Thursday night.

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