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Not Even Two Hurricanes Can Stop Trump Derangement Syndrome

Would it be too optimistic to expect two giant hurricanes -- one flooding a good swatch of Texas and Louisiana and the other about to lay waste to the Eastern seaboard -- to shut up the Trump bashers for ten minutes?

Apparently so, because no sooner does the president make an agreement with Schumer and Pelosi to raise the debt ceiling as well as set up a large fund for Harvey recovery and out they come from the left and right -- from the left to crow about some sort of "victory" and from the right to complain that the deal didn't lower the deficit.

Deficit? It's as if Trump should have been playing hardball and calling for a government shutdown while Irma was tearing through Florida, sending the Pirates of the Caribbean into Tennessee with people fishing in their living rooms, if they're lucky enough to have a living room anymore.

The shrinks talk about having "the right conversation at the right moment."  Making a fuss about the deficit in the midst of twin national catastrophes the likes of which we haven't seen in decades and will cost who knows how many billions to repair is the exact opposite.  It's having the most counter-productive conversation at the worst possible moment.

And it's even stupider because the new debt ceiling agreement is only for three months. In a short while they can fight that deficit all they want. As they say in Queens, "shaddup awreddy!"

As for the Democrats, left or otherwise, they should forget about that victory and save the high fives for the touch football game (if they still play that).  That party's so far out to lunch now they can't tell the kitchen from the laundry room. Trump can afford to be generous because they barely exist and no one can recall when they last won an election.  Nobody remembered Schumer's new, new deal -- or whatever it was -- the day after he announced it. And it's only going to get worse and everyone knows it. Liberalism isn't just dead, it's decomposed. Hillary Clinton's forthcoming book evidently blows up what's left of the house.  No wonder Trump-bashing is all the Democrats do.  It's all they've got.

But that of course doesn't stop the Republicans from shooting themselves in the foot and everywhere else.  Even in the midst of two hurricanes, they seem clueless.  Congress and the media remain in a horse race to the bottom while Trump, who seems decisive and in command, is seeing his numbers rise.   Some Republicans appear miffed that they have been cut out of the process in favor of the even more execrable Schumer and Pelosi.  Good. The Republicans need a kick in the you-know-what and a lot more.  Mitch McConnell did something much dumber than incurring Trump's wrath when he said the "naive" president expected too much too soon from Congress. The majority leader revealed his own inadequacy. "Qui s'excuse, s'accuse," as the French say.  He who excuses himself, accuses himself.