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Who's Behind the Latest Spate of Anti-Semitic Bomb Threats?

The Jerusalem Post is reporting a new round of bomb threats to eight Jewish centers in the U.S. That makes the fifth wave of such threats in two months.

Among the affected JCCS are Asheville, North Carolina, and Davie, Florida, both of which were evacuated to local churches, as well as JCCs in York, Pennsylvania; Indianapolis, Indiana;  Tarrytown, New York; and in Delaware. The upper school of Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in Rockville, Maryland and the David Posnack Jewish Day School in Davie also received bomb threats.

Who's behind these threats?

First it must be noted that none of the bomb threats in either round have been carried out -- at least so far.  Does this mean something?  I think it does.  It indicates the primary goal here is to sow dissension and fear.

Who would want to do that?  Well, let's round up the usual suspects.

One, the ever-popular (or horrible) neo-Nazis.  The problem here is that in reality there are very few neo-Nazis or similar types in the U.S. For example, the ADL states there "may be as many as 5000 members of the KKK in the US."  That's a minuscule number -- and note the "may be" -- in a country of  over 320 million.  Moreover, they don't seem to have the organizational capabilities for such coordinated threats and, I would assume, the FBI has been watching (and infiltrating) these groups for some time.  Still, such bigoted kooks exist and it would please the mainstream media to no end if they were responsible.  Not only would their narrative be confirmed, they could blame it all on Trump.  (They likely will anyway.)

Two, jihadists from al Qaeda to ISIS.  They certainly have the motive and they have had, as we know, the organization.  And remember: these threats were made by phone.  The calls could have come from anywhere from Pittsburgh to Damascus.  And they quite possibly were made with disposable cell phones that are difficult to track, even for the NSA, though they may know something I don't and probably do.

Three, state actors.  Here the finger would point at Russia and Iran, both of whom would love to sow the above mentioned dissension.  For the Russians in particular the capability factor is high.  And anyone paying attention, or even lightly perusing the Russian press, realizes that, unlike our MSM, they are not so moronic as to think Trump will be softer on Russia than the Democrats.

Four, political tricksters out to smear Trump as engendering anti-Semitism.  As we have seen via Project Veritas, these types can be pretty vicious, but is it a bridge too far sending out bomb threats to schools?  Who knows in the world of black arts?