Donald Trump Will Prove to Be One of the Greatest and Most Consequential Presidents

As one who predicted back in August 2015 -- five months before the Iowa caucuses -- that the presidency was Donald Trump's to lose, I should quit while I'm ahead.

But I won't.

Throwing caution to the (where else?) wind, I now have another prediction.

Donald Trump will prove to be one of the greatest and most consequential American presidents, at least since Ronald Reagan and possibly before. No one will ever approach Washington or Lincoln, but Trump is positioned to be one of our most important leaders and be a true change-maker, turning this country around at a time when American power and greatness were on the wane.

Although I had previously suspected as much, I was convinced of this watching his performance on 60 Minutes Sunday. What we saw was Trump in the presidential mode he has long promised and he slipped into it remarkably easily, as if it had always been there and needed no coaxing. The daffy Donald of the primaries and later was far in the rearview mirror. (Was it ever real or just a masquerade?)

The interview demonstrated, as did his Gettysburg speech, the man knows what he intends to do. They are good and necessary things for our country. And the stars are aligned for him to do it.  He is coming into office with a Republican Congress poised to get things done, a Supreme Court waiting to be filled, and a military largely grateful for new leadership.

Will he get everything he wishes accomplished? Of course not. But he is wasting no time in moving forward and willing to make smart compromises to get things done. On healthcare, he would keep two popular features of Obamacare -- the guarantee of insurance for preexisting conditions and the ability to keep children on the family plan to age 26. On immigration, he is open to some of the wall being a fence.

None of these things should be faintly surprising to anyone paying the slightest attention.  Trump has indicated, even told us at times, his stances are negotiating positions. That's what businessmen do, in case you haven't heard. And there's nothing America needs more right now than a businessman who can finally get things moving.