Roger L. Simon

Why I Voted for Trump—Unabashedly

Most of those few pundits who support Donald Trump—not to mention many of his backers that pop up in comments sections and elsewhere—moderate their approval of the candidate with such caveats as “flawed,” “imperfect, ” “damaged,” “blemished,” “not my first choice,” etc., etc.

I did that myself on more than one occasion for purposes of what is popularly called “virtue signaling” (I’m no bigot, sexist or whatever, but still…) or, more subtly, to create an atmosphere where my more contrarian readers would listen to my arguments or, at minimum, finish the article. (Hey, we all know Trump’s got his problems, but think about this….)

I’m not proud of it. It’s a show of weakness on several levels, but basically… I lied.

I have supported Donald Trump unabashedly from the moment I thought it was clear he would win the nomination. (Yes, I know it got somewhat obvious as things went along.)

The question of “flawed, imperfect, damaged, etc.” was never of any consequence to me.  It was, indeed, factually meaningless. All men and women are flawed.  I’m Jewish, not Christian, but I certainly get the concept of “we are all sinners.”  You have to be asleep twenty-four hours a day not to notice that.  They say Churchill was terrible to his subordinates, Eisenhower committed adultery, and on and on…

So this election was never about Donald’s peccadilloes to me.  Or even Bill Clinton’s rancid behavior and his wife’s repeated enabling of it.

This election was always about one over-riding issue under which all are subsumed. That issue is the corruption and virtual dissolution of our democratic republic by elites.

This election was and is about the rule of elites over the people, something we have all seen in full bloom in the WikiLeaks releases.

This rule by elites is, to say the least, very far gone, encompassing the media, Hollywood, the academy, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, much of corporate leadership, an unfortunate percentage of the religious establishment, both political parties to one degree or another, and just about every lever of power available in our society—except, perhaps, “We, the people…”

If it is not stopped now, it may never be.

At first blush, or any blush, Donald Trump—a brash real estate tycoon who made much of his money from gambling casinos—would seem an unlikely leader for such a crusade.  But I submit it’s the contrary (and, no, I’m not virtue signaling—at least I don’t think so).  The extreme situation we are faced with today—we might call it “crony socialism”—needed and needs an extreme personality both to get our attention and to get change accomplished.  Nothing much would have happened, in all probability, with any of the other candidates. This time, of all times, an outsider was necessary.

Put another way, we have to fight their thuggery with a thug of our own.  Otherwise it’s business as usual.

But that’s not entirely fair to Trump.  He himself acknowledges in many of his speeches that he exploited the corruption of our society while a businessman—and that is the reason he knows better than anyone else how to correct it.  I don’t know if that’s completely true, but he is certainly the first in decades who is willing to try, the first who is even talking about it.

He is also the first Republican in decades to make a serious attempt for the African-American vote.  We can only hope that others will follow his lead, for the benefit of all our communities. The exploitation of African-Americans by the Democratic Party has been the greatest sin of our culture.

There are plenty of other reasons to vote for Trump—the Supreme Court, controlling Syrian immigration and potential jihadism, etc.—but I leave those to Michael Walsh, with whose list I fully concur. (For another amusing pro-Trump article with, believe it or not, an Aristotelian twist, see Robert C. Jeffrey’s “The Magnificent Mr. Trump.”)

So don’t be ashamed when you go to vote for Trump, if you haven’t already. Do so unabashedly.  You’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about. Hold your head high. You really are trying to bring our country back.

Finally,  this is the next to last entry in The Diary of a Mad Voter. (I’ll be back with a final wrap-up when we know the results.) It’s been a helluva ride, as they say, and I’m grateful to every reader, even, maybe especially, those who have attacked me on a nearly daily basis.  I’m also grateful to the trolls, particularly the paid ones, who have been kind enough through their clicks to pass some of the riches of George Soros to the coffers of PJ Media. There’s poetic justice in that.

I was going to call this entry “The Mad Voter Finally Gets Mad” (as in angry).  But, like most of you, I’m well aware of the old saw—”Don’t get mad, get even!”  So don’t just sit there.  If you haven’t, go vote… for Donald Trump.

Roger L. Simon is an award-winning novelist, Academy Award-nominated screenwriter and co-founder of PJ Media.  His latest book is I Know Best:  How Moral Narcissism Is Destroying Our Republic, If  It Hasn’t Already.