Roger L. Simon

Trump Does Brilliantly in Mexico

Donald Trump’s perfomance at his dual statement cum brief press conference with Mexican President Enrique Nieto on Wednesday should put shivers in the Hillary Clinton camp even more than the new L.A. Times poll numbers showing a sudden bounce for Trump.

Trump was a hundred percent presidential in his performance, showing that he was not about to put his foot in his mouth on the global stage as easily as Hillary’s supporters are hoping.  All this is occurring with her email/foundation metastasizing. This election is not over.

Trump had a five-point plan for the border, including the building of the wall, that emphasized a partnership with Mexico. Very smart.  That Trump decided not to discuss with the Mexican president how the wall would be paid for was undoubtedly wise.  Indeed, one simple manner of payment would be a taxation of remittances, which wouldn’t involve the Mexican government at all.

Ever since Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon have joined the campaign, Trump has performed nearly flawlessly. This can’t be entirely accidental.

The next step will his immigration speech tonight.  We’ll be listening.