Roger L. Simon

Yo, Bundlers! Jeb Needs an Intervention!


Years ago, when I was working as a screenwriter on the Universal lot, then head of production Ned Tanen would advise us writers, directors and producers, “If one person tells you you’re drunk, ignore him.  If seven people tell you you’re drunk, sit down.” Good advice then, good advice now.

These days, seven brides and seven brothers and just about everyone else are telling Jeb Bush he’s drunk (including Peggy Noonan, of all pillars of the establishment). It’s past time for him to do it — time for Jeb  to sit down and sit out the presidential election of 2016.

And if he doesn’t, just as in a family when someone is working against his own and everybody else’s good, we need an intervention.  Only this time the family doing the intervening is exceedingly large, actually humungous, and a lot of people’s lives are at stake.  That family is the USA and has a population of over 321 million and growing, a once great country on the verge of disaster.

So who can do that intervention?  The very folks that sustain Jeb, that give him life support — his bundlers.

Bundlers, do your thing. In the words of Nancy Reagan, “Just Say No.”  Put us (and Jeb) out of our misery. Don’t be misled by pleas that he can do better. It ain’t happening.  Jeb is who he is — as we all are.   Stop the funding.  Cut off the “mother’s milk.”  You can be nice or you can be blunt, but end it. Now.

The critical necessity of this intervention became clear at last week’s debate not just because Marco Rubio handed Jeb his proverbial head. That debate made it obvious, if it wasn’t already, that this election was not only going to be about the Republican nominee versus Hillary Clinton; it was going to be about the Republican nominee versus the media (Hillary’s SuperPAC, as Rubio aptly put it). Election 2016 is heading toward a confrontation the likes of which we have never seen, if not an all-out war, between the right (conservatives, libertarians and everyone in between) and the MSM.

Jeb Bush doesn’t have the stomach for this war. Rubio does. Cruz surely does. Christie does (if we can trust him). Trump does, of course, and even Carson does, in the doctor’s quiet, determined way.  Carly does too.  But Jeb absolutely does not.  He’s had his chance (several times) and it’s over. Although he postures as an outsider ready to take on Washington, he is a Bush and behaves like one, a creature of a dynastic family like the Clintons, ever expecting to be the recipient of a kind of droit de seigneur, even, and especially, when he pretends he is not

America has had enough of both families, Clintons and Bushes — and has for a long time.  We fought a revolution and won against the divine right of kings.  Let’s keep it that way.

So, come on, bundlers.  America turns it’s lonely heart to you.  We know many of you are old friends of the Bushes and have lived in a world that always seemed to right itself in the end.  But truth is those days are over and they’re not coming back.  Sometimes you have to cut the cord.  This is the time.  Do it.