Roger L. Simon

The Evil Party and the Stupid Party Debate


Republicans should wake up because, stultifying and predictable as the Democrats were Tuesday night (in case you missed it, Lincoln Chafee is a Man of Peace — or was it granite?), much as “climate change” is now the official religion of their party (someone should lead a prayer to Gaia at the beginning of their debates), much as they promise endless new pie-in-the-sky social programs without the slightest hint of how they intend to pay for them (other than taxing Donald Trump), the “evil party” didn’t spend much of the evening tearing each other down. Quite the contrary. With the most minor exceptions, they provided a cheering section for each other.

If Republicans continue their approach in their next debate, bashing each other at will and in extremis, they are likely going to lose in November 2016 and then we all  lose.  The country loses, maybe even disappears as we know it.  Republicans aren’t the “stupid party” for nothing — and that includes the Tea Party and RINOS,  both equally dopey, not to mention Kevin McCarthy who may have made the greatest unforced political error of the no-longer-young century.  Republicans should focus like the proverbial lasers  on the opposition, not each other. Fiorina and Rubio have both showed how to do this on different occasions.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me make a few comments on the only interesting moment in the entire Democratic debate on Tuesday night — that is, of course, when Bernie Sanders (a fatuous moral narcissist who reminds me of a Jewish Norman Thomas) gave an immense gift to  Clinton by pushing the email scandal to the side, saying the American public wasn’t interested in such tiresome peripheral stuff when the middle class was suffering, shaking hands with Hillary on that “brilliant” insight and getting a huge ovation from the partisan audience for his trouble.

How much a gift was that to Hillary?  Besides being a capitulation for Sanders (how else is he going to battle Hillary ultimately other than on her non-existent integrity?), time will tell, maybe sooner than later, because in a very few days — Oct. 22 — she is slated to be testifying  in front of the Benghazi Select Committee. (Trey Gowdy is under intense pressure now.) But Hillary clearly had a victory tonight and that victory could encourage Joe Biden to stay out of the race.

But… in the long and winding road that we are on … that could be a good thing, because — stay with me, please — Biden may ultimately be a more dangerous candidate than Clinton. At least some recent polls showing most Republican candidates beating Hillary but losing to Biden would point in that direction.

This is especially good news because there are continued problems for Hillary ahead.  If she is the candidate, she will always be waiting for the big shoe to drop, the FBI investigation.  Meanwhile, under a court order, emails will be released monthly by the State Department until early 2016.  They should provide fascinating details as we go along about the life and loves of Sid Blumenthal, Huma Abedin, et al.

Nevertheless,  I am sad to say, Anderson Cooper did not ask the question I tweeted to him:  Mrs. Clinton, since you say you did not send or receive classified emails on a personal server, where did you intend to receive such emails as secretary of state?  It’s a simple question, really.  Maybe Trey Gowdy will ask it.

So Mr. Moral Narcissist Sanders… he wants to make college education free–maybe we should send him back to study economics… or arithmetic — may have done the Republican Party, and America, a favor by keeping Biden out of the race.  Poetic justice.