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Republican Candidate Power Rankings


Republican Power Rankings – Election 2016
SEPTEMBER 18, 2016…. You knew it would happen, the first weekly Republican Candidate Power Rankings.  Who’s going up/who’s going down in the endless primary season.  Welcome to politics as sports!  If it works for the NBA, why not the Republican Party? (Rankings reflect recent polls and gossip but also the opinions of some creep in sunglasses.)
rank Candidate Trending Comments
1 Donald Trump Reality Show Candidate took first real hit at the Reagan Library debate Wednesday, but look for him to come back punching. Will casino bankruptcies open second front?
2 Carly Fiorina The first to pierce Trump’s Teflon.  If she can do that, think what she can do to Hillary Clinton. Still, Margaret Thatcher comparisons premature.
3 Marco Rubio The GOP’s JFK soars in debates — but will amnesty keep him from going all the way? Lowest unfavorables in recent polls help.
4 Ben Carson Debates not his thing as doctor not completely in the house at Reagan Library.  Can he revive his campaign out on the hustings?  Or is he already our next surgeon general?
5 Jeb Bush With dynasties out of favor, no one wants to listen to his ideas.  But campaign cash may still be king. It better be or Jeb is over before he starts.
6 Ted Cruz Famous debater not catching fire at debates. Is he waiting to pick up the pieces after Trump implodes?  Could be a long wait.
7 Scott Walker Early frontrunner fading more quickly than expected. Nice guy, but is he presidential? Lacks heavyosity.
8 Chris Christie Feisty Christie on the comeback trail  Does well in debates because he’s a great talker.  But New Jersey troubles hold him back.
9 Mike Huckabee Hitching his wagon to Kim Davis may play well with some, but would be disastrous in the general.  Huck holding his own in debates, but where does he go from here?  Iowa showing a must.
10 John Kasich Quickest implosion at Reagan Library debate.  Recovery difficult because starting from low number and sounds like John Kerry on Iran. All hopes on New Hampshire.
11 Rand Paul We used to think father Ron was sabotaging Rand’s campaign.  Now it may be the other way around.