MIA: Republican Candidates on Healthcare Reform

The Data Entry Clerk will see you now.

That about sums up what a visit with your doctor is now. we have become high priced( not so high any more) data entry clerks.


The federal government wants all medical offices, big and small, to go to electronic medical records. Remember all the promises of how much money will be saved? That was from the same guy who promised that his health plan will save billions of dollars. The UNaffordable care act is now close to 2 trillion dollars, a far cry from is 800 billion claim it was supposed to cost.

Physicians and nurses now spend about half of their time doing data entry. We also put in so much data, that no one can find what is important. In fact, most of the data inputted will never ever be seen or read. Forget eye contact – you’ll be lucky to get a smiley face on your computer record!

While the Supreme Court is about to rule on the viability of Obamacare, as Rome is burning, we have Obama playing the fiddle. Boehner and McConnell for their part are twiddling their thumbs.
All we hear from Clinton is “income inequality” from the Queen of the Clinton Foundation Empire. God forbid she answers any questions from the press. The 101 Republican candidates are running around like the dalmatians. Several claiming that we need to revoke Obamacare, yet no one coming close to a viable alternative health care plan.  This is as effective as a doctor telling a family we have to stop the cancer, and then just sitting there and waiting for the applause.


Medicine is dying, and no one is listening


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