Roger L. Simon

Paris: Islam Strikes Again

After the brutal mass murders at the office of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, the airwaves and  the Internet are filled with pundits and “experts” wondering whether this horrendous act is the work of al-Qaeda, ISIS or were these evil maniacs “self-radicalized,” as the new phrase goes.

I have news for them — there is no difference!  Al-Qaeda, ISIS and the Muslim man on the street all work from the same play books; they need no outside advice.  And those play books are the holy texts of Islam, the Koran and the Hadith.  All you need to know is there.

Egypt’s el-Sisi is right.  Islam is in desperate need of a reformation, because right now it is not even a religion.  It is a virus.

What the world should do now is nothing short of an intervention, just how we would treat a drug addicted or alcoholic relative.  Unfortunately, given the terrified international leadership, that isn’t in the offing.  They are more likely to call the murder at Charlie Hebdo “workplace violence,” as ludicrous as that sounds and is.

Meanwhile, one of the terms that should have been shot dead with these is murders as well is “Islamophobia.”  From Hamas to ISIS to the Paris psychopaths, anyone who does not fear Islam is irrational, not the other way around.  I fear Islam because I criticize it frequently.  Some religious nutcase could run through my door and shoot me and my family at any time. It’s the simple truth.  The folks at Charlie Hebdo are my brothers and sisters and I grieve for them.

I am reminded of a trip I took to Paris not long ago when I visited the Islamic communities in the bainlieu (suburbs) of that city.   It was as if I were in another country.  Most of the women were in purdah.  Not a French policeman was in sight.  I was instructed by my companions not to speak English but to speak French.

Who knows where this will all lead, but is undoubtedly no place good.  If the world doesn’t take the reformation of Islam seriously, we will back to the Middle Ages — fast.

There is no “War on Terror.”  That’s the silliest term to come down the pike in a long time, completely nonsensical.  We are in a war of civilizations — plain and simple.