Roger L. Simon

Iran Testing 'Suicide Drone'

Adding spice to the seemingly hapless nuclear negotiations with Iran, the Islamic Republic has announced it’s been testing “suicide drones.” From the AP:

Iran’s army said Saturday it has deployed a suicide drone for the first time in massive ongoing military drills near the strategic Strait of Hormuz at the entrance to the Persian Gulf.

Gen. Ahmad Reza Pourdastan, the army’s chief commander of ground forces, described the unmanned aircraft as a “mobile bomb,” according to state media, which said the aerial device is designed to strike air, ground and naval targets.

The Iranians are known to inflate their technical capabilities, but imagine one of these “mobile bombs” with a nuclear warhead. Do we really know what they have now or are planning?  The Obama administration has assured us they are on the case and aware of where the Iranians are headed, but not long ago our president informed us ISIS was no more than a warmed-over jayvee team.

Iran claims to already have a drone — the Shahed-129 — that can carry eight missiles with a range of about one thousand miles.  Braggadocio or truth?  Or does it matter?  The atomic bomb is 1944 technology.  Just how far behind can the Iranians possibly be?

Further from the AP:

He [Gen. Pourdestan] did not provide the name of the drone. The conservative Kayhan daily referred to it as the Yasir, while an online news website called it the Raad. Officials could not be reached for comment.

Call it what you want, armed with a nuke, it’s mass murder. And come to think of it, wouldn’t any drone be a potential suicide bomber? All you have to do is point down.