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How the UN Oppresses the Islamic World


The first taste of victimhood is free…

People reading the title of this article should be excused for doing a double-take. To most of us the United Nations has been — especially in the last few decades — a debating society dedicated to the promulgation of anti-Semitism. It seems all the organization does is pass resolutions condemning Israel, that is when they’re not launching investigations of the same country via their Human Rights Council, a latter-day branch of the Wehrmacht, led by posturing Third World bigots, that usually meets at beachfront resorts.

Even UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has been a tiny bit perturbed of late by the orgy of Jew-hatred emanating from the organization he heads. Forget Boko Haram and ISIS, forget 170,000 dead in Syria — it’s the Jews that are the problem.

But this has all been going on for so long and with such idiotic single-mindedness that it has become a joke. Hardly anyone with half a brain would take it seriously — except perhaps a member of the Brandeis faculty, and they absolutely do have half a brain.

And Israel, if you haven’t noticed, is doing pretty well as one of the world leaders in everything from microchips to medical research, possibly the world leader for their size. Most recently, they’ve come up with a way to diagnose cervical cancer with a smartphone. An Israeli tech company, Mobileye (a purveyor to Tesla), was able to break a record for one of their nation’s companies with an 890 million dollar IPO last week right in the midst of the Gaza conflagration and a global stock meltdown.

As you may also have noticed, the Islamic world hasn’t been having a lot of tech IPOs lately. They’ve been too busy killing each other — and everybody else — for a long time.

What’s the cause of this? Well, there are many that are not the subject of this article, but the United Nations is — and the United Nations has been a principle enabler of Islamic decline for decades.

Much like a family member who offers a last dose of meth to an addicted cousin in the hope that he will eventually get off drugs, the UN encourages the Islamic world to live in victimhood, blame Israel and do nothing for itself.

We have seen that writ large in the ongoing Gaza situation. Nothing is so morally repellent as the specter of missiles being stored in schools run by UNRWA, if it isn’t the crocodile tears of the repellent UN operative Chris Gunness bemoaning the fate of children killed by Israeli weaponry in those schools. What did Mr. Gunness think was going to happen given the way the UN enabled those institutions? It’s the UN who murdered those children, even more than the psychopaths in Hamas, by allowing the terror organization to use the schools for their evil purposes.

And we don’t even begin to know the extent of UN collusion in the building of the terror tunnels, which of course, in the end, will do nothing more than result in the killing of yet more Palestinians, because it is the Palestinians who will ultimately die from this suicidal, UN-enabled massive waste of money, time and energy.

But now we may find out something more. From the Jerusalem Post:

Members of the United States Senate are demanding an independent investigation into the role of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency during Israel’s most recent war in Gaza with Hamas.

Accusing UNRWA of maintaining active and extensive ties with Hamas — and of supporting its activities throughout the month-long war — Senate Foreign Relations Committee members Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), Ben Cardin (D-Md.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) wrote a letter this week to US Secretary of State John Kerry accusing the UN agency of bias and characterizing its role in the conflict as “troubling.”

UNRWA, an ostensibly neutral agency tasked with administering aid to Palestinian refugees throughout the region, adopted a political role in the heat of the conflict, during which at least four of its facilities were badly damaged and many of their inhabitants killed. During the deadliest days of the war, UNRWA officials went on record accusing the Israeli government of violating international humanitarian law.

UNRWA also publicly declared the discovery of three caches of rockets stored in Gaza schools during the July battle. The organization did not identify a responsible party for the crime, however, noting that the schools used as weapons depots were “mothballed” for the summer months.

Media reports quickly surfaced suggesting UNRWA returned the recovered rockets to Hamas, but those claims were never independently unverified.

“UNRWA claimed to have turned over [the rockets] to the ‘local authorities’ or have gone missing,” the Senate letter reads. “We fear that this means these rockets may have found their way back into Hamas’ hands.”

What worries me, and should worry all of us, in this noble attempt is that it is now in the hands of John Kerry and our State Department. The natural fear about this important and brave letter is that it will, excuse the pun, end up in Qatar. We shall see.

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