Gay Marriage Supporter Abhors Mozilla's Decision to Fire Eich


As one who has been a longtime supporter of gay marriage and remain one, allow me to say that I am appalled by Mozilla’s decision to fire (or “force to resign”) its newly installed CEO (and inventor of Java Script) Brendan Eich because Eich gave $1000 a few years back for Proposition 8, the California ballot initiative to ban same-sex marriage.


Although not held by me, Eich evidently has beliefs shared by literally billions of people of faith throughout the world.  Those  demanding his head like junior Robespierres should be ashamed of themselves.  Not only are they violating the spirit of the Bill of Rights and freedom of religion, they dishonor their own cause and embarrass themselves no end.  They move things backwards when the think they are moving things forwards.

All the blablabla in the world from the crew at Mozilla cannot cover this up.  Ditto the gang at the OKCupid dating site that initiated the witch hunt.  Whatever their intentions, they have become “thought police.” They are unable to contain, as the shrinks say, the deeply held religious beliefs of others, let alone respect them in any way, even when, as is clearly the case with Eich, he is able to respect theirs in his daily work quite well.

This is no more than political correctness gone berserk. It is totalitarianism flying under the banner of marriage equality.  How reactionary, how fascistic, and, yes, how darkly comic is that.


And to give you an idea how dangerous this is, for those who don’t already know, the names of those who donated to Proposition 8 were leaked by the IRS in 2012 to the same-sex marriage supporting Human Rights Campaign who then posted those returns, for a time, on their website. Human rights, but apparently not for Brendan Eich.

The weird part of all this is that gay marriage is virtually a fait accompli in our culture.  Leading politicians in both parties either back it or say that it should be decided by the states.  But the Robespierres go on.

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