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What Putin and Obama Do and Don't Have in Common

white_gloves_boxing_gloves_3-3-14-1 White gloves versus boxing gloves.

With Vladimir Putin giving Barack Obama the back of his gloved hand in the Crimea, it's easy to forget what the two leaders have in common. Neither of them likes democracy very much.

In Putin's case that couldn't be more obvious, but Obama has given more than his share of signals to that effect in recent days, informing a complaisant Congress during the State of the Union that he was going to override them and take the law into his own hands by executive fiat if they didn't go along with his policies. His number one consigliere, Valerie Jarrett, repeated essentially the same thing during a recent interview on The O'Reilly Factor.

Unfortunately, that's about it in the similarity department (except they both seem to like sports). In two other major categories, the dissimilarities are striking. Putin is one tough dude and a patriot for his country. Obama is neither of these. In evidence I offer one five-letter word: Syria. I could offer a lot more, but I don't want to bore you.

The point is, as Putin threatens Ukraine and who knows what else, China moves on the Japanese islands, the Iranian mullahs jaw on while moving ever closer to nuclear capability, the already nuclear North Koreans improve their ballistics while starving their people, Venezuela approaches civil war, al-Qaeda and its myriad cousins metastasize across North Africa, the Levant, and beyond, the West has at its helm someone who is not only a documented liar ("if you like your plan," etc., etc.) but who is also essentially a blowhard. Even worse, and ultimately even more dangerous to our health and/or survival, our president is a monumentally poor judge of character. He is clueless.