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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 'Climate Change'


You could only laugh when John Kerry doubled-down on "climate change" in a speech in Indonesia over the weekend, calling global warming as great a threat to humanity as terrorism and WMDs. Laugh bleakly, that is.

Why had our secretary of State, whom even Wikipedia describes as having been a mediocre student and who has no discernible background in science and technology (other than being able to windsurf), settled on "climate change" as his cause célèbre of the moment?

Well, things are probably not going so well on the Iran nuclear deal or on the Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, if current reports are anywhere near correct.  (Ditto on the economy and healthcare fronts -- not his purview, but still...).  So what's a fellow to do?

The great thing about "climate change" armageddon talk is that no one can prove you wrong, unless you're like Al Gore and start to make short run predictions. But no one's likely to make that mistake again.

No, "climate change" makes, or should make, a perfect distraction.  And right now liberalism needs a distraction, preferably one that gets people and nations  to cough up money.

Unfortunately (or really fortunately), the money-collecting part won't be so easy. Even a few liberal audiences, religious fanatics though they may be, are beginning to smell a rat, not that you will hear too many say it out loud. That would be an admission that could start some serious and dangerous unraveling.