What if They Shut Down the Entire Government?


It's been intolerably boring, not to mention hugely annoying, the last couple of weeks watching the same set of politicians on both sides blaming each other for the government shutdown.

You start to turn off on the whole lot of them, at least I do. And it's only a partial shutdown. Almost everything is the same. Even the stock market has barely burped, as of Friday anyway.

Unless you were suddenly about to go to Yosemite, it's no big deal. Even if you're a furloughed government worker, you're going to get paid for staying home. Yippee!

In other words, no disaster so far. Not even close.

So I thought -- what if they went the whole nine yards and shut down the entire government? What would happen?

Well, we might have some problems with public order. All those homeless in my neighborhood might get a little obstreperous (not that the cops do much about them now). And maybe the criminals would go a little crazy.

And then there all those jihadists out to kill us. I understand that al-Libi character's on a slow boat back here. I don't think we want to set him loose in a mall.

So, all in all, we probably should keep some police and military on the payroll, but after that... not so simple, is it?

There's the schools, of course. But with the quality of education, it's hard to say whether the kids learn more inside or out of them. And if the schools were locked, parents would be forced to deal with their children, perhaps even to educate them, just as they did centuries ago.

And then when they're ready for more advanced education, they could pay for college or go on scholarship. They just wouldn't be government scholarships -- or government loans (which they would have to pay back for the rest of their lives).