Islam — Silence, Please

The United States is not yet so bad as France where, a few years back, Muslim thugs burning cars all over their country were called simply nameless “youths” (les jeunes), as in “boys will be boys,” making all their mayhem just a -- perhaps oversized -- version of fraternity hijinks.

But we are getting there.

Here our political and media leaders take a more psychoanalytic tack, defining those who do violence to us as unfortunate neurotics unable to fit in -- misunderstood failures ill-equipped to adapt to our fast-paced, licentious lifestyle.

So they are.

And so was (Godwin’s law alert) Hitler.  Hitler was a failed painter.  Tamerlan Tarnaev was a failed boxer.   No wonder they sought vengeance on a heartless world, poor devils.

The problem with this psycho-drivel is that practically every human being is a failed something or other.  I know I am.  And I don’t know anybody who isn’t.

Forget Hitler.  If we all acted out on our failure only on the level of Tarnaev, civilization wouldn’t even last a day.

The real question should really be what most compels violence among the almost unlimited number of neurotic individuals in the world with some grievance or other.

In our time it is unquestionably Islam, exponentially more than anything else. It’s almost as if that religion were designed in its ideology to attract the disaffected and turn them into violent animals.