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An Open Letter to Netanyahu: I Want to Volunteer for the IDF

Dear Mr. Netanyahu,

I'm an American citizen and over 60, so I am pretty much useless (though I still play a decent game of tennis), but I want to volunteer for the IDF.

I understand you're having some trouble on your southern border that seems to be creeping north with sirens wailing in Tel Aviv and, unlike a number of my fellow Jews in this country, I would do anything to help.

I am perfectly clear that your cause is just and the time is now. In fact, unlike an even larger number of my fellow citizens -- and quite probably our president -- I am perfectly clear that your cause is also ours. You are fighting for freedom and democracy against the most reactionary forces in the world today: those that oppose the rights of women and gays, religious freedom, the separation of church and state, freedom of expression and assembly, etc., etc., and wish to impose theocratic totalitarianism.

You would think everybody would be on your side. But no. Forces of "progressivism" like the New York Times are -- even today, while Israel has endured 275 and counting missiles aimed at civilians -- questioning your judgment.

It's hard to say why they do this. Perhaps their management -- themselves Jewish -- are embarrassed by their heritage. They were the same folks, you no doubt recall as the son of a historian, who took a "moderate approach" when reporting on the Holocaust.

But I suspect it is more than that. After all, their vision of Israel is not unlike that of much of our elite media. The Europeans, for the most part, are even worse.

So that leaves your support to us here in the great unwashed, the non-elite public who may not have read Marcuse or Chomsky, and see the justice of your cause through simple common sense.