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Dateline Tampa: It's Clint! (Is Hollywood Really Conservative??)

Has Mitt Romney been upstaged on his big night?

Well, sure, but so what?

It's by Hollywood's biggest star -- Clint Eastwood -- the newly announced mystery speaker for the last night of the convention (speaking before Marco Rubio and the candidate himself).

Biggest star, you say, raising your eyebrow a twitch? Well, think about it. Who on the other (liberal) side would have the heft Eastwood has to address a presidential convention? Tom Hanks? Steven Spielberg? Rosemary Clooney's little nephew?

Small potatoes next to Clint, who besides being the best director in town, is out of old Hollywood when it comes to larger-than-life dimensions. Only Jack Nicholson on the liberal side (if he is a liberal -- who knows with Jack?) has the size to command a hall that way. But everyone knows that Nicholson is, well, not exactly the guy for a presidential campaign. It would be, to use an old phrase, reefer madness.

And ... as everyone knows ... Clint recently appeared as the halftime star of the Super Bowl in a commercial, viewed by some (not by Eastwood himself evidently), as an endorsement of Obama. Well, checkmate. Clint arrives in Tampa to set things straight.