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The LEAST Interesting Man in the World

Who is the LEAST interesting man in the world?

We all know "The MOST Interesting Man in the World." Long greying beard, a lot of girlfriends. He doesn't always drink beer, but when he does, etc., etc.

But the LEAST --  it's a more difficult decision. So PJ Media and PJTV set out on a search a few weeks ago, just about the time the RightChange crew was working on "The Most ARROGANT Man in the World," and, lo and behold, we both came up with the same person.

Arrogant? Uninteresting? Somehow they go together.

Anyway, here's "The LEAST Interesting Man in the World" -- PJ Media/PJTV version. (Feel free to suggest new versions in the comments -- the possibilities are endless. Who knows -- PJTV may use your suggestions for a sequel. Or make it yourself and we'll link.)