Roger L. Simon

Eric Holder Supports the Al-Qaeda Vote

Should al-Qaeda be allowed to vote? And what about Hezbollah, not to mention operatives of Iranian intelligence?

Shouldn’t these often violent individuals be encouraged to work within the system and act democratically by exercising their legal right to vote? (And, yes, I’m talking about U.S. elections!)


That would appear to be the thinking of our Attorney General Eric Holder, who hopes to strike down Texas voter ID legislation. Holder claims to be protecting the rights of Hispanics, a disproportionately large percentage of whom, he asserts, don’t have driver’s licenses or state identification cards. (Does this have anything to do with an equally disproportionate number who might actually be illegal aliens? Nah. Couldn’t be.)

But whatever Holder’s claims — our AG seems to be, pace his “Fast and Furious” testimony, “veracity-challenged” — the Justice Department’s attempts to block voter identification legislation would de facto help enable a potential al-Qaeda vote — or at least voters with a similar worldview. After all, for several years illegal aliens from Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, and Yemen have been caught crossing our borders and incarcerated in a federal detention center near Phoenix. And, as we all know, Iranian operatives have been found in our country, plotting to blow up diplomats.

Shouldn’t these folks have an opportunity to exercise their franchise without being molested or irritated by something so discriminatory as a legal identification card? That’s the slippery slope to fascism, as Eric Holder might tell you.

Well, not really. Holder is no libertarian. Permanently locked in the mentality of 1962, our attorney general is nothing more than a garden variety bigot who assumes only “people of color” can be discriminated against and is unable to understand that equality actually means equality. He is the ultimate “victocrat” and therefore unqualified to be the nation’s top justice official.


I say this having been a civil rights worker in the South myself (1966) and having done voter registration then with black farm workers, some of whom were illiterate. I would co-sign for their “X.” It was obvious that they were citizens. If it had been otherwise, I would never have dreamed of helping them vote. No one would have.

Of course, that was then and this is now. Now, Eric Holder, a cynical, Democratic Party hack whose sense of entitlement overrides any moral judgement, justifies to himself registering voters who may or may not be citizens just so his party can stay in power. Such a person has as much of a right to be attorney general as Bernie Madoff does to be secretary of the Treasury.

Holder should not only be impeached. Like Clinton, whom he served so devotedly, he should be disbarred.

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