Roger L. Simon

Schumer: who is "in the box"?

The Chuck Schumer revealed in the conversation between Democratic senators Tuesday accidentally overheard by reporters is not a stupid man, but a selfish man. He is selfish in a traditional political manner, only interested in power and the success of his party.

That’s not surprising. But given the current economic situation of our country, indeed of the world, it seems particularly reactionary and willfully blind. The most important thing, as the New York Senator told his collegues, is that John Boehner be kept “in a box” on spending cuts, trapped between the Democrats and the putatively extremist Tea Party.

But what about the substance of the US economy? No word on that between Dem senators. Why? Probably because the liberal side has nothing to say. Keynesian theory has broken down and virtually every projection shows us headed for economic catastrophe, but Schumer chooses to ignore that. For him the Tea Party is the “messenger who brings the bad news,” a prop to be used. In reality, Schumer, not Boehner, is “in a box”. Let’s hope Boehner and other Republican leaders realize that.