Roger L. Simon

Michael Moore - Return of the American Jerk

The news that Michael Moore is suing the Weinstein Brothers for two million plus in profits for Fahrenheit 9/11, an unwatchable reactionary propaganda flick for which the brothers have already funneled Moore nineteen plus million, is fraught with so many levels of hypocrisy I can’t begin to sort them out. So I won’t even bother.

But I will point out this laugher from Nikkie Finke’s (as usual) exhaustive coverage: “Even more bizarrely, as recently as last week, the Weinsteins were chatting with Moore about doing another movie together because insiders tell me that Moore next wants to direct a fictional feature film.” [bold mine]

What? I thought Moore’s films were all fictional – at least according to my colleagues at the Writers Guild of America who gave Moore their “best original screenplay award” in 2002 for Bowling for Columbine! That was the only time the Guild has ever given that award to a “documentary.” It was also the moment I realized a fair percentage of my fellow union members were insane.