Roger L. Simon

POLIWOOD: The Most Untruthful Movie of the Year

It’s FAIR GAME — the film about Valerie Plame affair. Maybe I should call it the most biased movie of the year (same thing). There’s so much wrong with this movie it’s almost comical. It’s not even good propaganda. It’s just a dull semi-thriller filled with more lies than a bad game of poker. The Washington Post even had an editorial about how dishonest the movie is. Judith Miller — who, as most know, spent jail time over this nonsense — had a detailed account of its inaccuracies in the Wall Street Journal.

For those few among you who don’t remember this low point in the Washington political wars during the Bush administration, it revolved about Valerie Plame being outed as a CIA agent when her husband (Joseph C. Wilson) made a silly to trip to Niger, putatively to track down whether yellowcake had been sold to Saddam (actually to smoke cigars). The reality is that Plame had been outed as a CIA operative years before in her husband’s “Who’s Who?” entry. What could be sillier than that?

Most laughable moment in the film: Sean Penn’s wrap up speech as Joseph C. Wilson quoting Thomas Jefferson.

This movie is liberal Hollywood at its worst. See Lionel and I take it apart here in the new POLIWOOD. You’ll get a few chuckles. We did. (Will Hollywood continue to make this libo-drivel? We’ll see.)