Roger L. Simon

Vargas Llosa - sometimes that Nobel committee gets it righ

Like the proverbial clock that’s right twice a day, the Nobel Prize Committee for Literature occasionally gives their award to someone who disturbs and is actually also readable (e. g. Isaac Bashevis Singer). Such a writer is Mario Varga Llosa who delivered an extraordinary acceptance speech Dec. 7 worthy of everyone’s attention. He even dared attack totalitarianism, something usually anathema to the Nobel lit crowd who normally prefer impenetrable leftists like Jose Saramago. I was going to excerpt Vargas Llosa’s Nobel Lecture, but it’s so good it’s hard to pick just a paragraph or two (also I haven’t figured out how to do that on in my iPad yet – I’m without my laptop in DC), but I couldn’t recommend more that your read the whole thing. It’s superb.