Nancy Pelosi — Party Animal While Rome Burns!

Excuse the cliché but …. is Nancy Pelosi the gift that keeps on giving to Republicans or is she the gift that keeps on giving to Republicans?

Nancita — the woman who recently told us her “children and grandchildren were her greatest accomplishments” — apparently doesn’t want to give short shrift to those other accomplishments (the political kind) and is having a party to celebrate same.


In case you haven’t received one, according to Drudge, the following invitation has recently been sent out :

Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the United States House of Representatives requests the pleasure of your company at a reception honoring the Accomplishments of the 111th Congress on Wednesday, the tenth day of November, two thousand ten at three thirty in the afternoon Cannon Caucus Room 345 Cannon House Office Building

Be there or be square, I say.  As we all know, these were great accomplishments that deserve the highest praise and the only problem was one of communication.  Otherwise, we would all be celebrating.  Never mind that no one, including her, read her health care plan or has any idea what it really costs or knows where the stimulus money went. And never mind that the national debt as of today is $ 1 3 , 7 3 5 , 8 3 1 , 6 2 6 , 5 9 6 . 9 4 .  That’s only $44,388.74  per person.  Nancy can afford that easily — and so can most of her close  friends, I’m sure. The rest of us can mange gateau or learn Chinese, while waiting for the country and its entitlements to go bankrupt. It won’t be long anyway, at current rates.  Our biggest states are already there.


So celebrate away, Nancy. Nero has nothing on you.  Besides, the population of  Ancient Rome never crested a paltry five million. We’re close to sixty-two times that and growing.  Learn to play fiddle and you’ll be in the history books for sure.

Oops… wait a minute, perhaps I spoke too soon. There is reason for Nancy to celebrate — she and the administration broke the record!

Meanwhile, entertainment at the party… will it be provided by Al Gore or Lesley Gore?

[youtube XsYJyVEUaC4]


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