Kobe vs. LeBron - it's over

This is a post that my friend Hugh Hewitt will hate.

And, yes, I feel his pain. Any true sports fan does.  They know well the misery suffered by a fan at the time of his team’s demise.


But that doesn’t stop me from gloating!!!!

In the last days, the answer to the great debate has become obvious: Kobe vs. LeBron?  No argument.  The aging thirty-one year old guy with the broken finger and the bad knees and ankles in a heart beat.  He has the soul of a champion and the young guy with the body of twelve stallions is an empty set of biceps (well, not quite and, boy, was that a dreadful mixed metaphor – biceps on horses?  It’s early and I haven’t had my fifth cup of coffee yet.)

Of course, it ain’t over ’til it’s over and the fat lady sings deja vu all over again and every other cliche known to man, sport and Keith Olbermann, but it sure looks that way.  And, besides being a mega-biased Laker fan, I’m pleased that basketball skills, which Bryant has to a degree possibly even greater than Michael, are prevailing over basketball might.

But we shall see as we proceed into the finals.


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