Roger L. Simon

Nostalgia for Bernie Madoff: British Isles have lobotomy

The United Kingdom used to be a place filled with reasonably intelligent people, but these days it seems like the international home of the brain dead.  The thought that in this era of economic meltdown anyone could want to be governed by a minority coalition of Labourites and Liberal-Democrats (whatever that strange construction means) is beyond comprehension.

Have the British people had a collective lobotomy? (Well, certainly their elites have.)  Their country has a deficit worse than Greece.  And yet, as of 6:47PM Pacific Time, May 10, this coalition of Labour and Lib Dems seems about to inherit the British Isles;  that’s the same people that brought about the deficit in the first place – and they’re doing it at the expense of the only people who might (faintly, weakly, timidly) have the courage to stop it.

I’m beginning to have nostalgia for Bernie Madoff.   At least he knew he was operating a Ponzi scheme.  The clowns in charge of the UK have been running one for years and seem to be totally clueless about it. Or, perhaps more likely, they’re even more corrupt than Madoff.  They know the welfare state is a Ponzi scheme, but they need it to stay in power.  And they will stay in power at everyone’s expense, especially the working stiffs of the United Kingdom, the very people they pretend to help.

So dump your pounds and drop your euros.  And I am sorry to tell you the dollar is not far behind.  And if you think you can hold onto those renminnbi, you should forget about that too.  We’re all headed down the kitchen sink behind dear old Blighty.

And it’s all the fault of my generation – the Boomers.  And who could be more of a Boomer than the desperate Gordon Brown – “august” history Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh who spent his early career working as a television journalist?  What could be more perfect?  Well, one thing: the global economy being taken down by Keith Olbermann.

UPDATE:  Apparently the Lib-Dem/Labour talks have failed. At last that’s something.