Break Out The Borscht: Jewish Tea Parties Coming?

They said it would never happen. They said it couldn't be done. But Jews -- who have cleaved to the Democratic Party with a ferocity unknown to man or Icelandic volcano since the signing of the Magna Carta or the inauguration of FDR, whichever came first -- are slowly (inexorably?) beginning to drift away from Barack Obama.

According to a poll published this week by McClaughlin & Associates, 46 percent of Jewish voters would prefer someone else than Obama in the presidency, compared to 42 percent who would re-elect him. That's only a meagre four percent separation, but that number is stunning considering Obama got 78 percent of the Jewish vote in November. That's a difference of 32 percent between now and then. Has there been another voting block with that large a swing? There may have been, but I doubt it. Something is clearly going on here.

Now I understand these views are fluid and could switch back again. Habits are hard to change, longterm habits even more so. I'm sure the Democratic Party is banking on that. All loyal subjects come back in the end. But considering the Obama Administration continues to pressure Israel in such a mindless, almost primitive, manner, it's not entirely unlikely that this swing will continue, even expand. As I wrote the other day, Obama's attitude toward Israel and its leadership is excessively personal. Many Jews can see that. How could they not?

And it's not just the President.